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How to Change a Hotmail Password or Recover a Forgotten Hotmail Password.

How to change your current Hotmail password or recover a forgotten Hotmail password.

Hotmail, also known as, is a free email service, which is owned by Microsoft. As with other webmail services, users are required to create an account and select a password for that account. However, this brings about potential issues if passwords are forgotten, or if they need to be changed for security purposes.

Fortunately, the service has been developed with these needs in mind, and includes several robust options for recovering forgotten passwords, and changing passwords on demand, keeping accounts as secure as possible.

Recover a Forgotten Hotmail Password.

How to recover a forgotten or lost Hotmail password.

If you have forgotten your Hotmail password, you can recover it by going to the main Hotmail or Outlook homepage ( ) and then clicking the ‘Sign In’ button. Enter your email address as normal and click ‘Next’. Then, on the following page, click on the option labelled ‘Forgot Password’. Alternatively, you can click here.

From there, you might be asked to re-enter your email address, as well as a security ‘captcha’ code. Do this and click on the ‘Next’ button. You will then be asked how you would like to verify your identity. You can choose to either receive a text to the phone associated with your account, receive a phone call, or receive an email, which will be sent to your recovery email address. Make your selection, then click ‘Next’.

If you no longer use either the phone number or alternative email linked to your account, click on ‘I Don’t Use These Anymore’. You will then need to enter some personal details to confirm that you are the owner of the account. Depending on your settings, you may be asked to answer a ‘Secret Question’, which you will have set up previously.

Regardless of which option you used, you should eventually be presented with an account recovery code. Enter this in the field provided and then click the ‘Use Recovery Code’ button. Continue to follow the on-screen instructions and you should eventually be able to recover your account and choose a new password.

Once you have successfully created your new password, you can use it to access your account in future.

Change Hotmail Password.

How to change your current password.

Occasionally, users know their password, but want to change it. This may be done because your account has been compromised, because you want to improve the quality of your password, or simply to change it to something more memorable. Regardless of the reason, you first need to sign in to your account in the normal way.

After gaining access to your account, click on your profile picture and a menu should appear. From there, select ‘View Account’ and then click on ‘Change My Password’. Depending on your current settings, you may be asked to sign in again, for security reasons, and you may also need to verify your identity. A code will be sent to either the phone or alternative email address associated with your account and you need to enter this code on screen.

Finally, once you reach the ‘Change Your Password’ screen, you will be asked to enter your old password in the first field, followed by your new password. Take care when entering both and then click ‘Next’. Your password should then be changed and a confirmation email will be sent to your email address, confirming it has worked.

After changing your password, simply use your new password for all future sign ins and discard the old one.

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