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How to Create a New TWC Email Account.

As Charter Communications and Time Warner Cable have merged their services, you no longer need to go to or to sign up for a new email account, instead head over to

The TWC Mail and RoadRunner Mail brands are being faced out and replaced with the “Spectrum Email” umbrella brand.

However, in order to sign up for a TWC/Spectrum email account, you must be an existing Time Warner Cable or Spectrum customer, and you must also have a TWC login ID. If you do not currently have a TWC ID, you can find a step-by-step guide on how to create one by clicking here.

You can also go directly to the Spectrum/TWC Account Registration page here.

To register for a TWC ID, you must be an existing TWC customer.

Once you have a TWC login ID, go to the Spectrum login page ( ) and sign in, using the username and password you selected. From there, click on the ‘My Internet’ option and seek out the ‘Email’ section. Then, click on ‘Create Email Address’ and follow the instructions to create your new email address and password.

Each TWC ID is entitled to create up to six additional email addresses through the sub-accounts feature. To create a sub account, log in to the Subscriber Self Care section of the website ( ) and click on ‘Create New Sub User’. Then, fill out the fields provided and click ‘Create New Sub User’ again to complete the process.

When selecting a password for your email address, keep in mind that the password must be between 8 and 12 characters in length and it cannot contain special characters. It is worth noting that each new email address you create can take several minutes to become active, meaning it may not be accessible straight away.

How do I set up extra TWC/Spectrum email accounts?

Visit TWC Subscriber Self Care and log in with your existing email account username and password.

Find and Click on “Create New Sub User” and then fill out the form. New Spectrum Email sub-accounts can take up to 5 minutes to become active.

Please share your issue below, if you continue to have problems signing up to the TWC Mail/Spectrum Email service.

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