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How to create an iCloud Email Account.

Sign up for, and log in to, your very own iCloud email account in seconds. Step-by-step guide to the sign up page. iCloud Mail is a free email service from Apple with free storage and IMAP access.

The free version of iCloud Email will give you 5 Gigabyte of free storage for your emails (minus usage of storage for documents and other data you store in the cloud).

How do I sign up for an iCloud Email Account?

iCloud Email sign up requires a working Apple ID.

If you do not a have an Apple ID, you can register here ( ) by clicking on the ‘Don’t Have an Apple ID? Create Yours Now’ tab.

Fill out the Apple ID sign up form that appears.

You must now set up the main iCloud service, in order to set up an iCloud Email account.

You must do this on a Apple Mac computer, or a Apple mobile or tablet device that runs on the Apple iOS operating system.

iCloud Email for Mac Users.

Open the Apple menu, and go to ‘System Preferences’, and click on ‘iCloud’ and enter your new or existing Apple ID and password.

Then select the features you want to use. Click ‘Mail’ to create an icloud email account, and follow the instructions.

iCloud Email for iOS Mobile Phone Users.

iOS mobile users will have to go to ‘Settings’, and then click on your own name, followed by a click on ‘iCloud’.

Then, select ‘Mail’ and follow the instructions to complete the sign up process.

Once you have signed up for an iCloud email account, you will have a new email address.

Your email address will sync with your existing Apple ID.

After sign up, you can log in to your official Apple ID with the original Apple ID email address (that you used to sign up for an Apple I), or with your very new address.

Visit to sign in to your new iCloud email account.

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